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We’re at OSCON in PDX all week.

Drop by and admire/debug our recent releases.


Open source software is a many splendored thing.

PS – we’re hiring.

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The Importance of Internet Marketing Strategy

 Each and every businesses needs a strategy to succeed  in today’s competition. “Internet” is also one of the most effective mode of executing your marketing strategy which is known as Internet Marketing Strategy.

Internet marketing strategy is critical for many reasons when it comes to success of the business. The most important reason to have a plan that can act as a guide to your success is that it will let business know how much competition it is facing in niche or industry. It is extremely important to find a way to stand out above the crowd in a unique and exciting way. Remember that it isn’t enough to just have a website, even if it is the most beautiful and informative website that anyone has every laid eyes on.

Having a website alone is not enough to succeed, people( i.e. your respective customer) should know about it. Marketing business…

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E-commerce beyond the expected

How has technology changed the way we conduct business?


The advances in the communications and information technology over the years have revolutionized the way that businesses are conducted and has changed the face and pace of business.  With the ability to contact anyone in the world with a click of a button, the world seems to have become a smaller place and this has implications in the way business is conducted.

Technology today has rendered traditional print documents to near irrelevancy and the retrieval of information is almost instantaneous with a few simple clicks away. E-mail allows businesses to communicate from anywhere on the Earth and does not restrict businesses to remain confined and grounded.

Though many might argue that technology has blurred the line between the professional lives and private lives of individuals with constant availability and accessibility, the reverse is true that with the onset of mobile internet, productivity at the workplace is sometimes not solely spent on work matters but…

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Guidelines to Create Web Store that is Successful

4. Bizness on the net?